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Search Results For Football Manager 2022 !FULL!

On this page of the Football Manager 2022 guide, you will find important information about scouting. You will learn how to search for new players for your team, as well as how to increase the scout range, how to sort the search results and how to perform an advanced search.

Search results for Football Manager 2022


The search results in the scouting window can be sorted in many different ways - just click the gear icon to expand the relevant list. By default, the players interested in the transfer appear first in the window.

If you are looking for specific players who must have specific attributes, it is worth using the advanced search and refine the results - just click the Edit Search button in the upper right corner of the screen. After switching to this view, you can select one or more positions on the field, and also specify the age range of the players and individual attributes.

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To improve your take on scouting and make it more enjoyable, more knowledge about how scouting in Football Manager works, together with specific scouting tips, can lead to more successful results when you shall search for potential targets or identify future stars on your own. Our guide to scouting aims to give you everything you need in one place!

Scouting is a widespread process where the recruitment team scour through thousands of prospects to identify targets that fits your tactics, the club DNA or the club vision. To refine the massive pool of players, you have scouting ranges, which limit the search results according to the database size.

A higher package will also make more youth players visible within the search results that would normally be unknown to your club. It basically makes more players visible for you to filter through in Player Search and when setting up specific scouting and recruitment missions.

Which level of scouting range you can afford will depend first and foremost on your finances and on your available scouting budget. With the benefit of more players available in search results, comes the increased cost of upgrading to more extensive scouting ranges.

The FM Editor tool is a free app that comes with Football Manager 2022; it allows you to search all of the databases of the game as well as edit values and then save the changes as a database to be used for a new game.

Slowly but certainly, we're closing in on the end of 2022, and PC gaming football fans are bound to know what that means: that's right - we're going to play Football Manager 2022! In fact, the game is now available!

Either way, right now we'd like to talk about the key pillars of what makes FM2022 such a football gaming treat. We've discussed some of its features already in our pre-release coverage, but today you're getting the scoop on the real deal. So, let's get to it - in no particular order, mind.

In the Soccer Manager 2022 PC game, You can build your dream team from 25,000+ FIFPRO licensed players! Choose players from 900+ clubs in the top 35 footballing countries worldwide! You can have the best of the best players on your team!

Immerse yourself in the action of being a football manager! Select your starting top 11 teamand come up with amazing tactics! Watch your strategies lead your team to the top as you win trophies and awards! You will also get rewarded with higher managerial job offers when you succeed! The fun never ends!

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This site is not endorsed by Sports Interactive or SEGA and is intended for entertainment purposes only. The views expressed on this site are the views of the individual contributors and not those of Sports Interactive or SEGA. The official Football Manager site can be found at and the official forums can be found at

When filtering the player search the "IS" and "IS NOT" operators seem to give the reverse of the expected results. Additionally there is a separate text box at the end of the filter row that doesn't accept text, I tried putting the likes of 'True' in there to see if that made the filter make sense.If you apply the below filter: 041b061a72


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