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Treasure Your Family and Personal Assets..

Family Management

Ready for School

Memories preserved,
            stories retold -Treasures for generations to hold

Our company is committed to preserving and growing generational wealth assets for our clients. We understand the value of legacy and work to ensure that it endures through the generations. By taking a long-term approach, we help our clients make informed decisions that will safeguard their wealth and provide for future generations. We believe that our dedication to this cause sets us apart, and we are proud to partner with families and individuals who share our vision for the future. Cingo uses blockchain, cloud enabled micro-API services and mobile technology. This enable families and organizations to connect lifetime memories, financial assets, belongings, heritage, and inheritances.  

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Cingo - Treasure Your Family and Personal Assets

Are you ready with the information needed during family crisis?

Do you know key information about loved ones?

Do you know how and where your financial, insurance and other records?

Do you know how many gift cards, their value and location?

Modern Architecture

Treasure and Share Family Assets with Loved Ones

Cingo is a digital family management platform that allows you to manage and share selective information with loved ones

24/7 Online

We do provide 24/7 Service and the stored into the APP is fallback protected 


The data in the App is 3 level security protected with vault  and 2 factor authentication methodology

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